Monday, March 22, 2010

There's a Drumming Noise Inside My Head That Starts When You're Around.

I thrifted an epic cape a couple of weeks ago ($7+$16 alter=very happy camper).
So, in honor of this find, my lovely sister Grace and I took a "magic hour" stroll down to a nearby park and staged a woodland fairy tale...of sorts.

*Note I am attempting my serious, brooding faces here. These are my acting chops in use.

cape, dress. American Apparel sheer tights.
Urban Outfitters knee socks. Hot Kiss floral platforms.


Kaytee said...

Awesome find! I've been thinking of getting a cape too (though for next fall since the weather here in Rhode Island is getting steadily warmer), but I was thinking of making one myself. It'll be a good project to do.
Great outfit! :)

Wangari said...

that cape is amazing. Such a great find, it makes me want to bring mine out to play too, now that the super cold months have passed (and I can wear it without freeezing too much)

Tranea's World said...

OMG that cape is just to awesome for words!!! i love how it looks very beautiful!! keep it up girl

Shelby said...

wow, i cannot believe you found that thrifting! great photoshoot.c

Anonymous said...

Ah damn. I need a cape! I need to find one... however the only ones in New Zealand at the moment appear to be designer only, meaning extra expensive. With this autumn weather creeping in, I feel it's essential. But I shan't spend the money. Yours is great though, love it with that floral!

Unknown said...

That cape is amazing. So jealous!

BB said...

the shot of you from the back, walking away from the camera is so hauntingly beautiful - you should frame it!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog through the wardrobe remix flickr pool... love your vintage style!! the 4th photo in this post is my favorite, it's so dramatic.


Carmen said...

I LOVE That !
I love That !
I love taht ! :)

Hello Girl !;p
i'm french , and i'm only 14 !
I love fashion :) And your blog is really beautifuul ;p

See You ;)

Come to mind , please ! :)
And tell me what you think of its ! :)


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