Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Heartbreaker, You've Got The Best Of Me.

This editorial for Opening Ceremony struck quite chord with me. Sweet, sensuous, romantic and rooted deeply in the 1990s, it tugs at many inspirations I've been meditating lately. Pure bliss.

photos from the OC Blog.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rulers Make Bad Lovers.

Spring has arrived, and I couldn't be happier. We're expecting over 20 degree weather this weekend; it'll be perfect for a date in the park. I seemed to have (mostly) abandoned my dresses and skirts for jeans and cutoffs. Sometimes I don't recognize myself. I'd like to think that it's a slow transformation into the new and improved Lydia, but only time will tell if that rings true...

If you ever miss me, I am always up to something right here.

Vintage silk duster | Levi's jean jacket | Gap tee
Zara necklace, boots | Old Navy jeans | Wilfred hat | Clearly Contacts glasses

Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT: Never Forget Marvin's Room.

It's true: I've got a decent Drake obsession. I had to come to terms with my fandom when I almost cried after recieving a Drake tee for my b-day, ha ha. I was more than ecstatic that Hannah and I found this wall's graffiti when we went for chicken and waffles in late winter. Felt like Aubrey left it there for me, you know?

photos by Hannah.

PS. Still got this on repeat.

On me: Vintage wool coat | J. Crew denim shirt | Old Navy striped tee, plaid pants
ASOS boots | Clearly Contacts glasses

On Hannah: Garage jean jacket | Topshop jeans | 8th & Main shirt
Roberta's Hats porkpie hat | H&M shoes

Monday, March 2, 2015

ASOS Denim Hub!

It's positively spring-like here in Vancouver, and I've found myself a new textile obsession. I cannot get enough of jeans!!! Durable, easy to care for and better with age, there is just something about the sweet blues. Indigo hues get me singin’ like nothing else! Broken down and worn in or crisp and deeply dyed, I'm fascinated with both the versatility and accessibility of denim.
Given this current love of all things jean, I was ecstatic when ASOS approached me about their brand new "Denim Hub". ASOS has an extensive selection of products, and the denim hub features petite, tall and Curve denim, as well as straight sizing. From super slim ankle grazers to wider boyfriend styles,
the styles are wearable and super of-the-moment. My favourite part of the hub is that each ASOS Stylist picked their favourite pairs! It's great to get inspiration for how to wear a new item, and the enviable style of each person makes the denim even more desirable. I've included some of my favorite styles and looks from the hub...Now which pair to choose?!?

this post is sponsored by ASOS, all opinions are my own.

Friday, February 20, 2015

London Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2015.

Fashion Month continues, and I'm streaming LFW right here. Tune in to my instagram for my favourite looks, and check the blog to watch the shows as they happen!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Now Streaming Live: MBFW!

It's time!!! You can watch all the MBFW shows live all week on Style is Style. I'll be posting my favourite looks over on Instagram, but enjoy the front row seat streaming right here!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Heart Wants What It Wants.

I'd been spying on Adidas shell toes since last winter when they were popping up on alllll the street style blogs, so I was over the moon when a pair showed up at my work in my size. Although this spring I'm more enamoured with the Vans Sk8 Hi, the nostalgia of Superstars hasn't lost it's charm. I like to think of this look as Canadian tuxedo meets Missy Elliott.

Topshop jean jacket | Thrifted denim shirt
Old Navy jeans | Adidas Superstar II sneakers | Clearly Contacts glasses

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Suited Up.

Although these photos were shot by Brittany back in November, co-ords and "suits" have been high on my sartorial desires all season long. After stalking Kirsten Stewart's style (and writing about it), all I want to wear is a dapper blazer with a slick pair of shoes and pants to match. It makes rolling out of bed and throwing something on seem so much more... stylish. I'm all for fashion hacks that are equal parts easygoing and aesthetically pleasing.

Thrifted blazer | Gifted tie | H&M lace shirt
Old Navy jeans | Topshop ankle boots | Joe glitter socks

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweet Like Pink Lemonade.

I am currently very into neckerchiefs... I suppose it's a natural transition from a former bow-tie obsessed human. Since I'm not one for jewellery, this necktie/neckerchief thing creates interest without having to navigate that whole...necklace thing.

Also, pink walls. I really love them. If I could, I'd probably build a city which was only painted pink, where everyone was mandated to wear kerchiefs at least once a week. I can dream, right?

Thanks to Adam for shooting these photos.

Thrifted silk scarf | Gap tee | Vintage Levi's moto jacket
Old Navy Rockstar jeans | Gifted hat | Vagabond ankle boots

Friday, January 9, 2015

Keep Comin' Back To It Incessantly.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a good one. I managed to leave the house (after much internal convincing) and had a splendid night which ended in a smorgasbord of chicken wings :D

I don't really regard January 1st as the start of the year. For me, I typically set resolutions/evaluate my life and reflect on the past year around my birthday, which is September 8th. It doesn't hurt to assess where you are at when December 31st rolls around, though. Lately, I've been feeling like I'm due for an update, slowly making changes in various arenas of my life... Sometimes you have to recalibrate, you know? Bigger and better in 2015.

These photos are technically from 2014, but I couldn't help but share them! Grace was behind the lens for these ones. One of the things I admire the most about Grace is her innate ability to create an image. These were taken in a matter of minutes, but the visual impact resonates. I'm lucky to have such a inspiring pal!

As for what I am wearing... this silk "duster" coat was picked up in the "bath" section of a local thrift store. $5 later and I've been rockin' this housecoat ever since. Sidenote: the lip motif on the Monki socks gives me all kinds of Dali feelings.

Thrifted duster | Talula dagger sweater | Community Thrift shirt
Old Navy "Rockstar" jeans | Monki socks | Zara oxfords
Wilfred hat | Clearly Contacts glasses


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