Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ill Fated Winds.

Grace and I took a little day trip to Seattle last thursday. Although it was a gorgeous day out, my allergies got the best of me, and I had a not-so-great time huffing and puffing through the University District. Regardless, i got some clothes trading done at Red Light (one of my favourite shopping spots), and snagged a pillbox hat, a burnout tee and a corsage-y thing which I plan on changing into a hair ornament...of some sort. I was just happy I could pick anything considering my eye was watering endlessly. It wasn't the best of days, perhaps grace and I will have to do it over?

A big big shout out to Valerie (better known as Nenee). We did a clothing swap and she sent me a package overflowing with goodness (pictures later!). This skirt was made by her, and since I've been lusting after her clothes for quite some time, I was ecstatic to find this waiting for me in the box! It's the cutest basic skirt, I`ve been dying for some peplum in my life.

Sidenote: I dyed my hair black.
Yes, this may seem slightly silly but I can tell the difference from dark brownish black to jet black.
More drama, methinks.

Forever 21 cardigan. Thrifted tee. Nenee skirt.
AE Men`s anchor necklace. American Apparel seamed sheer stockings.
H&M suede shoes.


Shelby said...

I love those red cage shoes! You can definatly tell that your hair is darker...I like it!

girlxoxo said...

Those shoes are killer and I love how you rocked it with the black & white outfit. Why does the H&M store near me not have such goodies.

missDTM said...

LOVEEEEEEEEE the red shoes...that outfit is killer with them.

Mary said...

What lipstick are you wearing? It looks so beautiful on you!

Valerie said...

Lydia!! *high five*
the skirt looks great on you and I adore how you styled it <3

Marlène Wang said...

I Love your shoes !


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