Sunday, March 7, 2010

Up In The Air.

The first day of my whirlwind trip to NYC, in pictures.

Highlights of the day:
Meeting bloggers, seeing Times Square,
the tents at Bryant Park, shopping at H&M,
meeting my roomie, Mitzi Cocoa (who is quickly becoming one of my favourite people!)
and Grand Central Station.


Unknown said...

These are lovely photos! You are one of my favourite people, too! You were seriously the sweetest roomie, especially when I was so distraught.

Ali Hval said...

Beautiful pictures! :DD

kate maggie said...

These pictures are all so lovely. Looks like such a blast, ah, I wish I could of been there! x

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I'm on my way to NYC in two weeks! Soo excited!

Shelby said...

You make me long for NY. So beautiful with the big city lights.Gotta get out of my small snowey town...


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