Sunday, August 23, 2009


This girl is killing it!
Everything about this is so spot on.
Which reminds me I need to make a sick fringey necklace...

pic: stylesightings


i love you.

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I'm still around! August and July have been very, very busy! Two jobs plus friends, boyfriends, family and several trips means that I'm a horrible blogger. But it's ok, when Fall rolls around I'll be a regular blogger again. In the meantime...check out this chictopia feature starring cute little ankle socks (one of my favourite ways to bring a pop of color to an outfit). Imagine my surprise when I saw myself as one of the featured chictopians! See it all here.

Shoe Lust.

I am not really all the grungey...
I don't rock band tees (often anyways), don't have peroxide blonde hair (imagine that),
I'm not constantly in ripped tights. But the recent influx of grunge inspired clothes have sparked a sudden interest in all things early 90's, when I was but a wee one.
One trend I'd try (in a perfect world with infinite amounts of money) would be the Doc Marten. Now, I could never pull off a black pair of Docs (far too X-core for me), but I'm lusting after these white and floral pairs from UO...
Wouldn't they make all things girly just a touch more badass.
Plus, me + white boots = infinitely good times.

P.S. The last pair are the most perfect black ankle boots, non?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok, ok, I know I professed my love for Mary Kate just a few posts ago but, Ashley has been my favourite Olsen for quite sometime. Mary Kate has intrigue, Ashley has incomparable class. These shots are from the latest issue of Marie Claire.


One of the most beautiful illustrated shoots I've seen in a long, long time.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'll always love both olsens, but I'm drawn to Mary Kate's otherworldy nature.
These Vogue Italia shots showcase just that.

pics: found here


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