Monday, July 23, 2012

Beam Me Up.

I habitually wear bright colors, palettes and patterns on overcast days. The gloomy skies need a colored kick in the butt.

I've been quite busy the past month. I left my job as a barista, and am currently working as a full-time shopgirl! Now that I get to get "dressed" daily, I'm reassessing the practicality and comfort of my wardrobe and shoes. I suspect a major overhaul is looming...

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Thrifted mint Chuck Taylors, scarf | Vancouver Blogger Sale blazer
Buffalo Exchange Hawaiian shirt | Gifted vintage skirt

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beach Babe.

In the spirit of the body positive blogs and the like I've been getting into lately, I really wanted to do a beach post. I don't know if I've ever posted a picture of me in a bathing suit. I definitely know that this was the first time I felt completely at ease in a beach/swimming/scantily-clad-in-public situation. This was aided largely by a lovely vintage bathing suit (possibly late 50s-60s, tag says made in Canada so I figure it's fairly old) which I picked up for $5 when True Value Vintage was shutting down. I usually have trouble finding swimwear which is supportive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. This shape is much better suited to the nature of my curves than most modern suits. I definitely felt like a beach babe!

Kate and I hit up Kitsilano yesterday for a very relaxing afternoon (with a Museum of Vancouver interlude). For whatever reason, it rarely crosses my mind to venture to the beach. Clearly, I have been missing out. Lush greenery and the ocean, even at 7 PM, the seaside was balmy. This is precisely what summer is made for!

EDIT: This helped me along in getting over "perfect" beach body fear. Since it raises a very valid point (and a hilarious one at that).

Thrifted skirt, belt | True Value Vintage swimsuit
Ting Tings concert tee | Gap Panama hat | Vintage Shoe Love sandals

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shabby Apple!

I'm happy to announce the chance to win a $75 gift card to Shabby Apple!  All you have to do is comment on this post with your favorite Shabby Apple item, and 'like' Shabby Apple on Facebook. This contest is open to US Residents only. For those of us who aren't in the USA you can use the discount code 'styleisstyle10off' to get 10% off anything on the site.

GOOD LUCK! This contest will be open until July 31st.

You're A Winner!

The winner of the OSISI Africa contest is Amber! Congrats, I will be mailing it out to you this week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Fell For Your Inferno.

Up until about a week ago, tights and a coat would have been appropriate attire here in Vancouver. Luckily, we've now hit a heatwave.I hope Mr. Sun never goes away. If you follow @style_is_style on Instagram, you can keep up with all the shenanigans as they happen!

There is only one more day to enter to win a gorgeous OSISI Africa scarf. I will draw the winner at noon tomorrow, so click here to enter!

Thrifted coat, blouse, skirt, shoes.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wandering Limbs.

A balmy eve with Kate and Emily, an evening well spent.

Thrifted jacket, tee, skirt, shoes | Gifted sunglasses

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh, Canada!

I spent this Sunday celebrating Canada's 145th birthday with some of my pals from high school. With a stop in at the Waldorf, which had food trucks galore, it was a pretty solid day. We walked downtown, and even caught the parade... The parade itself wasn't much to write home about, but it inexplicably had Darth Vader in it?

Being one to love themed dressing, I took this patriotic holiday as an excuse to pool all my red and white clothing. Those are my new favourite leather sandals. I thrifted them past weekend, my second pair in two weeks! I hope this shoe luck continues, the thrift gods are smiling down at me.

Thrifted shorts, sandals | H&M lace shirt, fedora | F21 bowtie | Urban Renewal trench


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