Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas, I can't wait to eat Christmas dinner. Stuffing might be one of my favorite foods, ever. And don't even get me started on turkey leftovers!

This was my Christmas eve outfit for work, it was pretty fun to be Ms. Claus for a day. I must say, the crinoline definitely made mobility a little more difficult than usual. We must suffer for fashion (sarcasm...)

And of course I had to include Kate, Sarah and I's annual Santa photo.


Thrifted triple collar blouse, sweater, crinoline | H&M flower clip, shoes | Joe Fresh cranberry tights

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Sartorialist.

Well I thought the day would never come, but Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) was in Vancouver last Tuesday for a book signing at Secret Location. Clearly a street style giant and game changer, it was a very cool experience to meet the man who has greatly influenced the fashion industry. When I first discovered blogs, his was one of the street style sites that I checked with borderline obsession. I'm not quite as obsessed now, but I was a little star struck when he said that my outfit was "joyous".

My friend Dan was kind enough to head down early (I busted it from work), and I was secretly stoked to get to capture some shots of him. He's lucky to possess a natural swagger that's atypical to "Vancouver" style, and I am always admiring his style. I'm sure you will be seeing more of him around here!

the grinning photo of me is from Secret Location's official photos of the event.

Thrifted dress, blouse, coat, boots | Cambridge Satchel c/o ModCloth

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Market!

Fellow Vancouverites, you should come to Nouvelle Nouvelle this afternoon. I'll be heading down to check out the lovely local vendors, and word on the street is that there is a boozy punch made especially for the event. I'm sold! Hope to see you there, have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Happy Caturday Y'all! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I thrifted this t-shirt back in the summertime in my hometown. I remember when I was in first and second grade, these cheeky tees were all the rage with the mom and teacher set...little did I know I'd be sporting one again. Oh, the cyclical nature of fashion.

Thrifted jean jacket, shorts, cat butt tee, sneakers | Gifted vintage sunglasses |
Front & Company
straw porkpie


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