Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olympic Adventures!

These are from the first time Kate and I went to downtown Vancouver during the Olympics!
It ended up being a really fun day!
We managed to get some good shopping in...
There were tons of fun people out and about, included that bronze cowgirl!

On Me: Thrifted shoes. H&M Dress. Fletcher by Lyell coat. Vintage hair bow.


electricsbubbles said...

Cool looks!
Beautiful pink dress ^^


electricsbubbles said...

Cool looks!
Beautiful pink dress ^^


Unknown said...

I love Kate's tassel necklace and Jesus H. Christ I love your shoes!! Also, dress samies!!

Sara said...

you both look amazing! very cute :)

valerie said...

You both look dashingly handsome ;)

Lydia- that dress looks great on you and you've got some pretty awesome thrift store shoe finds over in Canada!

Lydia's pal- I love the tassel necklace especially as a nice way to make plaid feel new again.

Gaƫlle PRUDENCIO said...

You guys so stylish!!!
Both of you are source of inspiration!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love both of your necklaces. Vancouver is the best, glad you had a great day.

darlingdee said...

Your green blog is fabulous!


Claudia said...

I LOVE your outfit!!!!

Anonymous said...

ur pink striped dress in the pictures above is soooo cute! where did u get????


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