Friday, December 19, 2014

Kind Of... Sometimes...Maybe.

It's funny how things go; as much as I enjoy this outfit, I can feel myself drifting away from this kind of styling in my personal wear. Sometimes you shift and you don't even realize it; lately I have been more inclined to pick out jeans and a casual top over a novelty printed vintage dress with cute colored tights. I still really admire that aesthetic, but I can also feel that I want and need a change. Much like the rest of my life, my wardrobe feels constantly in flux: an upheaval. Change is good, I think...

felt hat, angora sweater from Front & Company | Thrifted wool cape, cutoff shorts
vintage fox collar, silk collared shirt | Confetti Over-The Knee socks
℅ Tabbisocks
leather brogues

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


image from here

[preface: I am aware this is a personal style blog, but my heart has been heavy. So I'll diverge from my typical content today.]

I can't sleep.

I have been having issues getting a night's rest. Tossing, turning, never fully reaching a sound slumber. Waking up feeling restless and exhausted. This is not mere coincidence. 

In the past week I have devoured more written media than ever, save for exam weeks in school. Articles, poems, tumblr posts, think pieces, evidence, police reports, court documents. I have cried, I have wept, I have been furious and devastated. I've been thinking. A lot.

I am overcome. Overcome with grief, overcome with confusion and pain and frustration. Overcome with the sense that the body I was born into, the body that allows me to type this right now, is a body that little to no value to many, so many more than I believed.


How can I sit idle? How can I simply watch as black bodies are murdered regularly with little to no consequence? How can I pretend that I am not terrified in a world that allows a 12 year old boy be shot and killed in a matter of seconds, in order to "serve and protect"? A world where a young woman is beaten within a inch of her life (and later died) simply because she chose to defend humans under attack? These are not isolated incidents, simply recent ones.

I'm wrestling with how to reconcile all of this. After all, injustice is not a new concept on planet Earth. Violence has existed as long as we have, if not longer. Humans have bludgeoned one another for power for centuries; be it political, property, monetary or other powers that be. This is not a new tactic. However, I simply cannot wrap my mind around the vile, ignorant hatred that runs so deep within our societies, a hatred which determines who lives and who does not. A hatred which is based not in actions but in genetic factors, predetermined in the womb.

If hatred is ever present, and governing powers are guided and funded by said hatred and corruption, is there even a point? If Goliath wants to see my dead body in the streets, why even try?

To be honest, my only solace is the belief that humans are inherently good. This belief is a reflection of the joys and happiness that have been present in my short life. In the shared laughter, kind actions and enriching connections that I have been blessed to experience. Not every human is afforded this grace, but I have been. This belief does not help me sleep at night, but it does help me get up in the morning. And for that reason, I refuse to be silent.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday + Cyber Monday + ASOS.

I'm excited to share some excellent news: ASOS is offering 30% off everything for you, my lovely readers! You can use the promo code TGIBF today (Black Friday) and ILOVEMONDAYS on Cyber Monday.

Bonus: I picked my top five ASOS pieces of the moment, happy shopping!

asos curve mono stripe pants

asos curve biker jacket

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When The Cold Winds Blows.

Sometimes a lookbook will completely captivate me; ASOS fall 2014 had me wanting to fill my cart with midi skirts, minimal athletic inspired jackets and sumptuous knits. The styling is impeccable: my favourite pieces are the "A" bomber jacket and that fuzzy fur scarf. Since I've been having more modern sartorial leanings of recent, this serves as a touch point for lookin' on trend without being a fashion victim. Well played ASOS!

photos from Refinery29.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Let's Get Into Trouble, You Make It Look Good.

Solange got married this weekend. I don't normally gush about celebrities weddings, but since Solange is a frickin' style icon she gets a very special mention on this blog. Her entire wedding party (and guests) wore white and looked damn good doin' it! I spy Miss Tina, Janelle Monae and the Queen Bey, lookin' stellar next to Solange. I seldom think about nuptial styling, but this wedding strikes a deep chord with me.

wedding photo by Rog Walker from here.

I've been integrating monotone/similar toned outfits into my wardrobe lately since the visual impact has such a high payoff, given the limited effort. This look is from back when it was still balmy out, but I'm finding ways to work it into cold weather clothing as well. Here's to not spilling anything on an all white dress!

Thrifted dress | Richmond Nightmarket pixel glasses | Topshop Arabel boots

Friday, November 14, 2014

One Who Resonates.

The exquisitely talented (not to mention charming) Christina Cooke tagged me in a blog post that - despite reminding me of those forwarded emails - requires me to answer four questions. Although I had initial reservations, somehow Chris and her dimples convinced me to reply (call me a sucker, you wouldn't be wrong). I've been doing more freelance work of late (shoutout to BUST Magazine, look ma, I'm in print!!!) and I had somehow disassociated the fact that I enjoy writing. A tiny respite from the wear and tear of living in the modern world, I had conveniently forgotten how much relief and release I get from words on a page (or screen). It's nice to have that back.

1. What am I working on?

Lots of things! I'm still working full time at a local shop so my daytime is hanging out with clothes, ha ha. My freelance work has been largely articles for Autostraddle (I'm the current style/fashion editor),  posts for HER Collective and every now and then for PowderDoom. It's a mix of content, mostly based in fashion and personal style, with bits and pieces of personal commentary in there.

 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Perhaps it differs because it's from my point of view, one that is from a very specific and minority angle. I'd like to think that I'm adding a voice that I couldn't find when I was younger, someone who could relate to my experience.

3. Why do I write what I do?
I'm a Norwegian-born Canadian of Ugandan descent, a queer woman of colour in a city that has very few people of my specific minority. I grew up moving from suburb to suburb and many parts of my experience thus far made me feel isolated and alone. I didn't know how to deal with that. So writing is always, in a sense, cathartic. I think this expression would be inevitable, whether the end product was a journal entry or an published article. In order to survive, I need to write. If people engage with it and enjoy it, it's an added plus!

4. How does my writing process work?
It always differs a bit, but usually there are a pile of scrap papers with lists, notebook scribbles, multiple browser tabs opened on my desktop and long documents filed with links. Eventually it gets pared down and edited, typically late at night while I sip a cup of tea.

Christina, I did it! I suppose in the tradition of forwarded emails, I have to tag people to also answer these questions. I nominate Zoe (of Lion Heart Vintage), Celia (of Ceedling), and Emily (of The Closet Feminist).

RE: this outfit - Unsuprisingly, I'm still riding the wave of duster coats hard. Can't seem to get away... not that I'd want to!

Thrifted duster coat | Gap shirt
Old Navy jeans | Cooperative wedges | Clearly Contacts glasses

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Say Hello To Autumn!

Getting adjusted to cooler temperatures always requires a bit of a wardrobe shift. The mental leap from sundresses to sweaters can be a bit trippy, but warm layers are my favourite sartorial option. I've been diggin' out the my neckerchiefs and cozying up to mohair sweaters. If you'd like to see what I'll be wearing this fall,  I styled a few looks over at Autostraddle, click through for more!

Vintage silk duster coat, silk polka dot scarf | Old Navy tee & jeans
Vagabond boots | Wilfred hat | Woodzee’s Pride Skateboard shades in “Daphne

Monday, October 20, 2014

Next To You.

As I've been updating/sorting/re-evaluating my closet, I realized that I'm low on several classic basics. I've got unique and wild vintage pieces for days, but I couldn't find a simple striped shirt to save my life. In came Joules, a UK based retailer who specializes in the preppy pieces I've been missing! They so kindly sent over a classic sailor's shirt, as well as the spiffiest oxfords this side of the Atlantic. You can bet that both of these  will be make the rounds in my wardrobe all autumn long!
Striped Breton shirt, leather brogues ℅ Joules, | Thrifted pink shirt
Old Navy Rockstar Jeans | Clearly Contacts glasses

Monday, September 22, 2014

In The Loup!

Oh hello! Today I'm excited to share some work I did over at Peau De Loup, a Vancouver based purveyour of menswear inspired button downs for women. Heaven knows that collared shirts are an essential in my closet, but I often have trouble finding ones that fit my proportions properly. It was much to my elation to find a company which has thoughtfully designed shirts that fit.  I've styled a couple pieces from of their newest collection, check out Inside the Loup for more!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

London Fashion Week!

Whew! New York is over, now it's across the pond to London! I'll be streaming the shows live all week. Check out ye olde Instagram for my favourite picks from the shows!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

NYFW SS2015.

Fashion Month is BACK!!! First up is NYC and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I'm excited to check out all of my favourite American collections, and as per usual I will be streaming the shows live here on Style is Style. For my daily NYFW picks, head over to Instagram!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

...Been About Ya and I'm Still About Ya.

Boy oh boy. I cannot believe that summer is coming to a close... and I am a week away from turning 25. Not quite sure how to feel about that age; there are so many things I thought I would have accomplished by now, but conversely many things that have happened that I couldn't fathom.

If you're wondering what I've been up to lately, here is a link rundown:

I was lucky to be Fett Magazine's blogger of the month (click through for an extensive interview!).

Style is Style also made an appearance on Lucky Magazine's website (thanks for the love, Lucky!).

I'm proud to annouce that I'm a part of HER Collective, which is an collective network of creative and talented women. Keep your eyes on us, we're making waves!

Last but definitely not least, I'm the newest addition to the editorial staff at Autostraddle! If you are a female-identified LBGTQ+ person and have fashion/style questions and/or content, send me an email at lydia[at]autostraddle[dot]com.

Phew. Alright. Needless to say, I've been a teensy bit occupied in the last couple of weeks, and I'm trying to get into a routine as far as writing goes. How have you been? I hope your summer was filled with delicious icy treats + beautiful sunsets (the two things I'll miss the most!).

Thrifted duster coat | Vintage Alley Sale tee | ℅ ASOS sunglasses
Community Thrift vintage skirt | Swedish Hasbeen clogs


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