Thursday, March 25, 2010


Two very good reasons (as if I needed any more)
as to why I need more khaki green in my life, courtesy of Garance Dore.


Alina said...

Love Alex`s style)
visit my blog

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

I have seen your style! I adore youu!! Im so tired of seeing clothes on are so fantastiic! :D
Oh and i also like alex jaja

sarah said...

I love seeing your post on look book! you have cute style,
do you think you can add me to look book, I tried but it said you have to be invited with some code....?

Anonymous said...

you dont find too many Canadian fashion bloggers, let alone one from Vancouver. (represent!)
keep up the good work

charlotte said...

hia! Bookmarked your blog. you have great style. I got so inspired by looking at you! Gonna follow you every day now ^^
have a nice day!


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