Hello, I'm Lydia!

I'm a 24 year old feminist kitten-less cat lady, who has a panache for vintage whimsy. I have lived in many places, but right now I am happily residing in Vancouver, BC. I'm currently a shop girl at a local independent retailer, but I would love to one day move to Europe. Perhaps I'll own a vintage shop with my best friend Kate, or create a magazine of my own. A girl can dream, right?

Style is Style is primarily a personal style + outfit blog, combined with my inspirations and snapshots from my day to day life. You can also find me elsewhere on the web, check out my tumblr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, lookbook, and bloglovin. Feel free to drop me a line at lydia.okello@gmail.com for any questions, collaborations or inquiries.

Thanks for stopping by!


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