Monday, March 1, 2010

Bryant Park: NYFW.

These are the end result of our photoshoot in Bryant freakin' Park on the Sunday of our trip!!!
I still can't believe I got the opportunity to go to New York City, it feels like it was dream!

It was really cool to hold a photoshoot there, but I felt super awkward posing for someone other than my tripod or sister. Hopefully the pictures don't look too awkward to you guys.
I am terrible at posing for outfit photos (I pretty much have one stock pose)...
As well, I felt so out of place and under dressed that day.
Everyone else was dressed up (heels and such)
and I was dressed in a more "chill" outfit, mostly due to the fact we'd be walking around all day.
I like the outfit, but I kind of wish I had chosen something different.
I guess that's what happens when you have to pack in a hurry?

Thrifted dress jumper thingy, sweater, tee, boots. David King bag.
Urban Renewal jacket. H&M necklace.
AA Rummage Sale neon leggings. Buffalo Exchange ripped tights.


Sara Lynn said...

I really love your style, the tights and the boots!! And the dress!! you picked all my favorite colors!!

sierra said...

hi lydia! it was sooo fun meeting you at chictopia10! hope you had fun! i will send you the picture i took of you with my brother, Justin from Jcheikh!

if you dont remember me thats ok! haha i hope i didnt sound like a crazy!

love your style, xoxo

hannah said...

pssh, you look great! you always rock the bright colors and the sweater collar looks wonderful over the trench. i can imagine it's pretty stressful to achieve the right level of dressy-ness when hanging around so many chic ladies!

Janelle Haskin said...

I love! love! love! your pink boots!!! Your style is so great!

Not to be creepy, but I remember seeing you at Chictopia 10! :)


Corie said...

I like your style...very unique!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I do love it! And you were the most colorful person there that day--so bravo!

Kamiesha said...

I'm loving you color combination. Love your style.

GraceJ said...

Wow, now that's a statement! That match of green and purple is very good and very game!
And those shoes are superb!


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