Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogger Friends!

Mitzicocoa and I had a playdate of sorts a couple of weeks ago.
We met in New York after we both won a chance to go to the Chictopia 10 contest!
We were roomates, and we connected pretty much instantly.
Our day consisted of thrifting (got a boater hat, and a yellow toggle coat!)
 and eating some pho (my first time, sooooo good!)...
She's so lovely in person, I'm still so surprised that we connected so well, after "meeting" on the Internet!
The web is a funny, awesome thing.

Fletcher by Lyell coat. Susan by Emma Cook headband.
Thrifted dress, shoes. Joe tights.


Unknown said...

"Sir, may I direct you to the hamburgers?"

Bahaha, I'm so glad you uploaded these photos. More playdates soon. You still have the best hair accessories/coats out of any lady I know. <3

Shelby said...

I really love this floral dress. I've really been looking for a pastel floral piece, but to no avail :(

BB said...

that headband is so very pretty :)


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