Friday, March 12, 2010

Conference, Part 1.

The first part of Chictopia 10 was interviews, moderated and allowing for a question period at the end of session. It was really interesting to hear from successful bloggers, and learn about their experiences and knowledge of a form of communication which is essentially still very new to the rest of the world.
Taghrid and Liz looked amazing, and Danny Roberts from Igor and Andre (who designed the tote that all attendees recieved) was the cutest thing! I was suprised he was so adorably preppy, I was most definitely expecting a more bohemian type. His drawings are amazing, so it's a bonus that he's cute too :) Rebecca and Judy talked about advertising and the balance between having sponsers and keeping true to your vision/keeping your readership. I found it all very informative. There are many things that I haven't experienced/am just beginning to experience as a blogger, and I feel more prepared if they do happen.
Pauline was someone I hadn't run into really on Chictopia before this trip. We got along really really well, it was so nice to "click" so instantaneously with someone. She is definitely one of my new favourites, I wish she didn't live all the way in Conneticut!

A note: Yes, bloggers look this amazing in real life. It was slightly disheartening to be surrounded by so many stylish and beautiful people!


paulinabelle said...

aw!! i wish you didnt live all the way in canada!! so glad i met you :]

paulinabelle said...

also that photo is reaally great of me... haha. :p

Anonymous said...

Must have been great to meet with all these bloggers!

Igor+andré said...

awe thank you so much for your kind words! Also thanks for coming to the event! you asked some great questions :)


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