Monday, November 15, 2010

That's What Friends Are For.

Every time Emily and I hang out, I go home feeling blissfully happy.
Maybe it's because she always makes me delicious food (I owe you Em!)...
Time seems to just fly by as we chat away in her kitchen, and over tea and fresh baked scones.
Most of my visits include a stop at the Salvation Army a few blocks away from her house.
This particular morning we also had a mini photoshoot!
Oh the joys of being with other bloggers: a mutual understanding of the ever important "outfit photo".

PS. I am very, very happy to now have a legit turban!
I might just have to pretend to be Catherine Baba, every day.

Thrifted dress. Joe Fresh tights, belt. Gift from Adam boots.


archives vintage said...

gosh, her leopard coat is fab!

jealous of your great turban!!!!

Anna said...

Ahh your boots are incredible! And I've never seen anyone wear a turban like that, but you definitely rock it!

Shelby said...

i want boots like that sooo bad like!

Raj said...

This is the sweetest post!
It makes me miss my friends who blog even more! :(
You both look incredible
Lovee how you rock that turban!

Jenni said...

Awesome turban! I have one, but I'm always too wussy to wear it. :D

Lydia & Marjolein said...

you both look cute!

Anonymous said...

representing good style in small towns since day 1 <3<3<3

Rebecca Jane said...

I love your dress!!! THe colour and print are amazingly great.


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