Thursday, November 4, 2010

In The Midst Of It All.

A lot of vintage style has been seeping into the mainstream, fast fashion type chains.
I've kind of had mixed feelings about the whole thing, because really, who wants to pay $60 for a blouse that looks (and was probably copied from) an authentic 1970's top that you could find buried in a thrift store for $2? But on the flipside, it's quite nice to have those types of garments more readily available...

On that note, Urban Outfitters has been posting some very, very inspiring shoots on their site lately.
They've been leaning in a vintage-y, school girl prep direction of late, but the way everything is styled makes it feel less like a "look" made for a mannequin and more like something that could have been tossed on and just happened to work perfectly!
Delicious sweater girl looks, madcap grandma layers are exactly what I want to be wearing right now.
Oh, and I plan to DIY this baby. want/need more floral fascinators...

photos: uo blog


Annebeth said...

I love anything retro schoolgirl inspired so yes, this totally rings my bell too! I love the look with the floral socks, messy and pretty!

Shelby said...

vintage looks are my fav


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