Friday, November 19, 2010

The Cat's Meow.

Since I've moved, my family at home has attained a kitten.
Charlie is beyond adorable, and I am fully determined to make her love me the most
(even though I don't live there anymore!)
On this particular day, I fell asleep with her sleeping on my chest. A real cat nap!
It was so cute my head almost exploded.
I think it's safe to say everyone knows I am a pseudo-crazy cat lady now. Sigh.
Edit: I forgot the last photo in the orginal post, seriously how cute is this kitty?!!?

Garage Sale dress. Deena and Ozzy belt.
Target tights. Old Navy shoes. Icing flower pin.


mary van note said...

aghhh!!!! So cute! You AND the kitten. I'd become a crazy cat lady too if I was around that sweet thing.

Miranda said...

I love the dress and how you styled it.

Louise said...

AAAHHH!! So cute!! I'm talking about Charlie, but your one-shoulder dress is divine too.

Unknown said...

Oh god, Charlie is such a cute name ! Mine is called Watson, love him so much.

Love your vintage style too !

See U !

PS : thanks for your sweet comment

NoLongerExisting said...

Love your Old Navy shoes! And more love to Charlie (so cute)

Charlotte said...

Oh what a cute cat! Lovely outfit as always ^_^

Shelby said...

omg i looooove kitties. i get all giddy and squeel when i see them. i also spend too much of my time watching kitten vidoes on youtube!

Catherine said...

Can I steal, er, borrow Charlie?... :)


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