Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't Get Blown Away.

It was insanely windy that day, so Tim and I braved the outdoors for all of 2 minutes to quickly snap these photos. (Thanks again Tim for braving the cold with me!!!) I wish that I didn't look like I was getting blown away, but I was. Oh well, I'll get better detail shots of these clothes another time.

The pink coat in the last photo is the only evidence that MitziCocoa was at my house in October. We spent too much time catching up, and didn't end up taking photos. Isn't that coat a mohair dream?

Thrifted top, boots. Red Light vintage hair bow.
F21 scarf. Birthday gift from Mitzi skirt. Sirens tights.


kenda said...

that first picture is great. i love the windswept look.


Fanastic bow, coat and boots!

Jasmine P said...

I LOVE those shoes! Great thrift find :)

paulinabelle said...

I LOVE THIS. you are so cute and this is wonderful. love &miss you.

laura said...

oh my - i love your blog! such great outfits, colours, combinations. (:
are you interested in exchanging links?


Sdot said...

I love those boots. I never find cute stuff like that when I'm thrifting.


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