Monday, November 1, 2010

Out of the Toy Box.

This Halloween I was a doll who escaped the toy box for one night! I was originally going to be a majorette, but ran out of time/money/creativity. I was pleased with the back up costume though...The make up was really fun to wear, especially the eyelashes and the wig. Both will resurface, I'm sure of it.

We snuck into the Waldorf on Saturday night, and had the best time! All they played was late 1950's, early 60's sock-hop type music. Kate and I literally did The Twist the whole night. It played out exactly like the dream dance party I've been fantasizing about! I think I might have found my new hang out in the city.

We carved pumpkins last week. Soooo pumpkin carving bonus round!!!
Also, what were you this Halloween?

Thrifted crinoline (it was only $4!!!), belt. Old Navy skirt.
Mariposa bustier. Claire's socks.
H&M shoes. Dressew gloves.
"Alter Ego" wig.
You are the most wonderful little sister one could ask for.


Louise said...

Oh my gosh! You look so cute! Glad you had a happy and safe Halloween!

Jenny Morris said...

oh my god! Your costume is the best in the blogosphere. Also...I want to go to that dance party you describe. Sounds like my kind of fun :)

Meggstatus said...

YES YES YES, you are rocking that wig, too bad it's not your natural hair color hahaha.

tbizcuts said...

I love so much about your blog! You have fantastic style! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

You are cute as a button!

Fabiola "Fab" said...

you look too adorable! love it!

Monique said...

Love your costume!!! Adorable!

Rebecca Jane said...

You look absolutely adorable!


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