Monday, November 22, 2010

A Borrowed Backdrop.

Kate and I are sort of in love with our friend Adam's new digs. He lives in a house that is somewhere around 100 years old. The exterior is so cool, and looks especially so at night, when it seems more like a haunted mansion than an actual house. We had a lovely breakfast that morning, but sadly didn't take any photos with our host. Since he only lives 6 blocks away, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of him very soon!

Side note: My theme for this outfit was something along the lines of "Smurfette".
Couldn't help but put Smurf blue with the orange shoes!

Thrifted dress, shirt, belt. Self made velvet bow.
Old Navy stockings. H&M shoes.


Miranda said...

Fabulous outfits you girls look great!

Jenni said...

Hehe, love the blue and orange! You both look super cute. I hope to see a few more shots of that house... it looks really neat!

Jenny Morris said...

yay im your 400th follower - very exciting :)
i love these shots - especially the one of your shoes against the red steps. Stunnner.

Toya said...

I don't know how I stumbled across your blog...but I love it! You are a very quirky dresser and I dig it!!

Maryn said...

ooooo i like all of this colors mix it's really awesome! u and yr friend get a very inspired look!
come to my blog ;)

gee said...

i love the red steps.
you girls look amazing.
i love the blue tights you paired with the white makes the white pop!!!
beautiful beautiful. <3

Jodi said...

those blue and red colors are amazing together.. love the old house too, looks really interesting!!
cheers, Jodi


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