Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's A Cruel World.

I've already posted about these shoes.
Need more compelling evidence as to their cuteness?
Check out shots from the lookbook...
I feel like cute shoes + really cute girl (Tennesse Thomas) + even cuter kitten = NOT FAIR.
I am helpless.

pictures from refinery29


Robin said...

Oh thank you soooo much for posting these I saw your last post on this Bass collection and yes i'm in love I've got to get those cute flower saddle shoes xoxo...

Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie said...

omg i love those saddle shoes, they are so classic, definitely need to get a pair!

Unknown said...

OMG she's so cute, I pretty love these shoes...and the white kitten !

See U !

The Luxe Standard said...


Great blog =)

Christine and Caira of The Luxe Standard


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