Saturday, June 13, 2009

I need lace.

Phillip Lim's Resort '10 collection (do you see a pattern forming....must be that time!) features some of the most beautiful lace tops, a look I was apprehensive to at first.
I wasn't too sure that lace could be taken out of the awful mom/90's connotations I always associated with it, but with a little coaxing, I see the error in my thinking.
This collection is ethereal in the most down to earth way I've seen in a while, and other than some hideous jodphur/mom jeans that are inexplicable, it's great as a whole.

My favourite: The "rock on" tee with the tan bomber and white mini. Flawless.


Alison Hartford said...

Good call, I love the lace pieces! Overall it's a really cute collection. I like your last couple of outfit posts, by the way. You can rock the floral rompers. I can't. I got one at VV a couple of weeks ago and can't make it work. I'd gladly give if to you if you are interested. Email me at or comment on

Alison Hartford said...

I can email you a pic. It's a small busy print of blue and pink and green flowers on white background. Patch pockets on the front, basic shape like your True Colours post... brand is "Secret Ingredients" 100% cotton. I just feel like it's going to waste in my closet.

Unknown said...

gotta agree with you this is a really down-to-earth collection. thanks for posting them up.

Sophia said...

all that lace looks so darn delicious.

Shelby said...

this collection makes me want more white pieces in my wardrobe. i love the look of a white dress with a brown leather belt. so clean and fresh!


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