Friday, June 26, 2009

Think what you may...

I'd like to see more of the fashion world accept this:

alongside this:

Perhaps then an anonymous reader wouldn't think it was socially acceptable to repeatedly tell me how "fat" I am, and how to dress to "that suit [my] fat body type". (Not that it is socially acceptable, or that I agree with their humorous and narrow-minded opinions.)


CourtneyS said...

Tell it like it is Lydia! You know this and this goes without saying, but you are beautiful and fabulous (but I wanted to say it anyways lol)!

Anna said...

I completely agree! Screw those anonymous comments! Your clothes fit your body perfectly! There is nothing wrong with having curves. Being curvy myself, your blog is a big inspiration for me!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It's stupid. I'm fat, and i think i'm beautiful !
And beth ditto is realt beautiful too..

Anonymous said...

I'm not super thin but I also not fat I've always been self conscience because of how muscular I am. I think its stupid that people think that everyone needs to all be one size but beth ditto is gross to me only because she shouldn't ware the things she does its one thing to be proud and comfortable of your size but she doesn't dress her body good at all you on the other hand from what I've always seen carry and dress your body very well.

kyra zoe said...

beth ditto is that extreme opposite to all that size zero girls in the last years
in my opinion being "fat" or super skinny is okay aslong as you are still healthy and comfortable with yourself

SOBALLIN said...

link please

I need to see this

lilyofthewest said...

i've always been 'a bit' fat, and i know, that anything we say, we just can't stop hating it. that's how it works. but if you learn to live with it, and beat the bad-bad feelings deep inside your soul, than you can be happy to be who we are, and that's what you've done, so you can be very proud of yourself!
i think you've got a beautiful face and a wonderful style, i'm so glad i've found your blog :) just don't let them take you down :) and keep beeing so pretty and original!
(sorry, if there are many errors, i write from hungary :p)


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