Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Taylor Momsen makes me so jealous, all the time.
Kind of sad really, being jealous of a 16 year old.



liisa said...

WOW . i REALLY like her outfit here i didn't know that she was soo stylish and stuff :) lil' jenny humphrey :D

thelittledeer said...

those shoes are amazing.. and her jacket...and her whole outfit actually!



Shelby said...

I think shes pretty cool tool! Her style is not me, but I admire it all the same. I wouldn't be too jealouse though, because she is ruthlessly picked apart by style bloggers and celebrity gossip sites alike -- don't know if I could handle that or would trade my life for hers! lol...

Anonymous said...

She's got incredible style!!!!

Claudia said...

ooooo I love love love this!!!!!

Sondra said...

Ahh I know! She's amazing, I love her style. She acts way older than 15 or 16 or whatever, but she doesn't apologize for it like Miley does.

Jane Interrupted said...

I just read a few entries of your blog- I like your style!
And Taylor Momsen's, too. The shoes..
- Jane

mik-eye-la said...

i feel like.... she doesn't ever wear what she would REALLY wear in real life.... not that i watch the show to see how she's styled on there... but to me, she's just a Blondie knockoff... your post on the olsen twins was spot on though. those girls... i'm down with.


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