Thursday, June 18, 2009


This gal puts today's skinnier starlets to shame. I'd rather be drop dead gorgeous than on the verge of dropping dead please!
I'm sorry, I forget her name...

*EDIT: Her name is Claudia Cardinale.

pics: lolita


Mary said...

She is beyond gorgeous! Please find out her name. I'd like to see more photos of her. :)
By the way, I love your blog so much. I have been following for a while and must apologize for not commenting. It is so selfish of me to look on here each day (yes, I check each day to see if you updated), without saying thanks. So, I thank you for always having wonderful posts even if I go overboard hoping that you post everyday so I can admire your outfits and taste in fashion inspiration.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous, she looks really good. But how can you say on one post "Id rather be drop dead gorgeous than on the verge of dropping dead". You dont think it hurts skinny people when you say things like that. I happen to be as small as a tooth pick, it eat three times a day at the least. Im far from having an eating disorder its just genetic i guess. My mom is very small as well. Im just starting to be okay with my body. I had force myself to eat more than i could take. I drank bottles and bottles of ensure. And then when i just gave up i gave up the love i had for fashion id where big big big clothes to keep people from seeing my stick like body because i was called annorexic, olive oil(popeyes wife), etc..Its funny how people think its okay to call skinny girls different names but they know its rong to call a big girl fat. Its rong to tell me i need to eat more after knowing me for only two minutes. Dont get me rong i really like your blog. I think you look great and i love your style and i think whoever is leaving you those comments is a complete ass..but dont be a hypocrit.


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