Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Honey, honey, food for the bees.

I have a dinner date tonight...
I'm super excited.
My boyfriend's so cute when he gets all dressed up.

Kimchi and Blue Dress; Joe Tights;
Thrifted Jacket; Payless Wedges.

Say hello to Stella.
She's made of red leather and very pretty.
And she was only $2.
I love the thrift store next to Taco Time.


STARR said...

Aww sounds fun. You look SO good in bright blue and I <3 the blazer.

Anonymous said...

omg lyd you look smokin' hot. like seriously. badasss and smokin' hot tim is one lucky boy :p

karla deras said...

You know I love the blazer. Such perfect buttons.

PS. thanks for always leaving the most genuinely sweet comments.

PSS. I love it when my boyfriend takes the time to change into something fancy/elegant. It makes me happy

Mariƫlle said...

I <3 Stella! Haha.

Thanks for the add. I had already added you to my bloglist ;)

le mode said...

i lvoe love your gray blazer jacket.
where do you get it?!
haha ((:

Isabel said...

Oh man, a really good friend of mine has the same dress and I haven't seen her in a long time...


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