Sunday, December 7, 2008

What grew, and inside who?

The first peek of lo. accessories.
There is going to be an super oversized version of this bow...
It's amazing gold lamé goodness!
In other news, my AA knockoff circle scarf is now...a circle dress.
I tied a couple knots and voila!

Thrifted cardigan, belt, boots. lo. circle scarf as dress, bow.
Joe tights.


Dc said...

that certainly isn't on the site!

i'd really like to just make my own... i like it but i want a little thicker fabric and maybe some contrasting color trim. also a lot of the reviews seem to say that the suggestions are hard to replicate.

what are the dimensions of this monstrosity?

TheMinx said...

beautiful!! I love the color combination, coral and gold are perfect on you.

lisa lindøe said...

the bow is amazing.

le mode said...

how do you make your bows like that?!
its amazing!!!
hahaha ((:

Recycled Runway said...

love the bow!


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