Friday, December 5, 2008

Change, will do you good.

What I wore shopping in Vancouver on wednesday, didn't buy anything. Lately I've been finding retail inspiring in some cases, not so much in others. But no matter what, I haven't wanted to buy anything! It's bizarre because 6 months ago when I still worked at the mall and wasted away my money there,
I would be all over anything retail.
Change is good, right?

Thrifted dress, boots. Gap cardigan.
Random tie. AE kneesocks.


TheMinx said...

So cute! You look like a lil' japanese schoolgirl :)

nv said...

you look so cute, reminds me of blair waldorf. same I used to be ZOMG ARITZIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, but I've gotten a bit better. I'm really about trying to find good deals and waiting for sales and thrifting since I've realized my shopping has gotten me in a bad place financially.


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