Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yesterday was my last day of classes.
Two exams and I'm done (for realz) =D
This dress is from way back when I was just a little newb with
no clue (fashion wise). But I got this one right.
I haven't worn it in about 2-3 years, but in celebration of
finally being done my godforsaken anthropology class, I
dug it out of my closet.
Imagine my surprise when it fit perfectly!?!?!

Thrifted Dress, Cardigan,
Boots, Sash; Joe tights.


Anonymous said...

omg THIS dress?!!!! i LOVE this dress and TOTALLY remember it now!!!!!! lovely lovely lovely!

Andrea Eames said...

The dress is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

love that dress! it looks so good on you :)

Carlene said...

I love this dress. So cool! I was also wondering if you would like to trade links. I've already added you to my blog roll.
My blog is www.biggirlclotheshorse.blogspot.com

Isabel said...

That outfit rocks! You look so good in that dress, like it was made for you.

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