Friday, December 5, 2008

'Cause I'm a paper chaser....

Lately, I just crave going to thrift stores and making things.
Prime example: When I went to Joanne's in Bellingham, I felt so very overwhelmed/inspired.
It's this massive fabric store (at least compared to anything in Canada, that I've been to).
To see all the different fabrics, and all the possiblities, I felt like a painter who has just discovered color. Corny, yes, but still true.

Today will be spent sewing up a storm.
I have a couple dresses/skirts that need to be hemmed or fixed and I'm also
going to start making some things for the shop today!
Don't worry, there will be previews a plenty....
I'm super EXCITED!

Thrifted Joe cardigan & boots. lo. scarf.
La Vie En Rose dress.

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Anonymous said...

the shop? what's the shop? :D


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