Sunday, December 14, 2008

tag, you're it.

I've been tagged by Atsuii.
I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy/trying to work out my new camera. SOON I promise =D

Random habits & facts that you don’t need to really know:

  • I, like Atsuii, like Britney Spears. Actually, kind of love. Not her so much as her music (horrible, i know). I'm so happy that things are better...and I look forward to more! Seriously, ilu Britney.
  • My boyfriend is pretty much the polar opposite of me. Tall, white, skinny, blonde fro, shy (sort of). And yet we go together perfectly.

  • I got a new camera last monday...and now I can't take proper outfit photos. I harsh need a tripod or a photographer... =(

  • I listen to a lot of different music. Example: My MP3 player on shuffle = System of a Down, Dixie Chicks, Mark Ronson, City and Color, Arctic Monkeys, Bob Marley, The Wreckers, then Adele.

  • I was an uber nerd in high school (but didn't realize it). I was in band and choir, and me and my friends were in all Honours classes...aka "the good kids". I'm pretty much the same now, only we drink.

  • It's always super odd to me when supermodels talk. I can't explain why, but when I see vids, my brain is very confused.

Six unimportant things that make you happy:


  • polka dots

  • my walk in

  • romantic comedies

  • Steve Carell

  • blog comments =D

I tag girl with a kaledoscope, alice point, & glittering bones.

1 comment:

cavaan said...

i think polar opposites on other people are soooo cute and adorable!! - and i'd love to be your photographer with the outfits you wear =)

and gahhh tagged thank you! xx have a good sunday!! (i think you are one day behind me?)


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