Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's The Only Time I Wish Would Come Back.

These are my new favorite tights.
They got a run the first time I worn them :(
That won't stop me from wearing them...I am a little heartbroken.
There are many new favorites in this one, actually.
The dress has gorgeous neckline details and a cutout (look at the link in the outfit description).
The wedges make me feel all cartoon-y and happy. Definitely a pick me up!

Icing flower pin. Thrifted blazer & belt.
H&M sheer oxford shirt. Staring At Stars dress.
American Apparel tights. Cooperative wedges.


Shelby said...

i so need those tights!

Pink Stilettos said...

I love those tights and those wedges! Very stylish xoxo

Pink Stilettos

Unknown said...

So cute! I love this outfit, and those shoes are amazing. I have been searching for a pair of yellow heels/wedges. I found you on chictopia, and I really like your blog!! Following :)

~Kirstin Marie

p.s. I'de love it if you would sneek a peek at my blog, and follow if you like! :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Great tights and shoes and dress... and I'm amazed that they all work together so well as they do!


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