Monday, December 6, 2010

That's What I'm Here For, A Good Time.

Adam and I went to American Apparel, and I reluctantly bought both the ruffled socks that I'd been eyeing for quite sometime...and their nail polish in Port. A yummy deep bordeaux, I have been wearing it whenever I can.

Also seen here: my new favourite shoes. A serious, serious steal at $25, these Aldo beauties came from the Aldo Outlet (if you live in Vancouver, it's on Granville, go!). They are my highest so far...but I think I might be addicted to dizzying heights now. It's a problem...and the only solution is more shoes, ha ha.

Thrifted blouse, belt. Bluenotes jacket.
Old Navy skirt. Target dotted tights. F21 socks.
Aldo shoes.


Louise said...

Wow, those shoes are ah-mazing. I just got some similar to that in grey, but I wish I gotten them in that gorgeous cognac! This may be my favorite Lydia outfit yet!

Unknown said...

I adore your shirt. These AA's lacquers are the best !

See U !

Jasmine P said...

Love this! That blouse is awesome :)

Sdot said...

Love that shirt. And those shoes are awesome. I've been looking for a pair like those but have yet to find them on sale :-)

Unknown said...

You look positively lovely!

Vhana T said...

Lovely!!! But that shoes with that socks look awesome!!

Wangari said...

Such a lovely lovely look on you, and those shoes are all sorts of amazing!

Annika said...

adorable!! i love those socks and those shoes :) so cute
maybe we could follow each other?

saturdaynightsalrite said...

love the pictures, and i love the styling :)
thanks for the post on my wall about those shorts! super super cute.... see you tomorrow!


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