Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Without Her Airs About Her.

Sometimes getting dressed just feel like a hassle.
Those are the days I grab a dress & black tights and hope that it is passable.
This was one of those days, so if this post seems a little, uninspiring, I apologize. Sometimes I can't be bothered with more than a dress with a nice print, ya know?

Thrifted dress, belt. Gift vintage boots.
Joe Fresh tights. Fletcher by Lyell coat.


Anonymous said...

Love this look. I need to find me some vintage boots so I can do it too!

Anonymous said...

totally know that feeling. But you still look super cute! ^.^

Shelby said...

I want those boots so bad. There are similar one's at Aldo, but they are $110 dollars. They look sooooo goood on you!

gloomy said...

such a pretty dress, doesn't even look like you're "not inspired" at all (:

Rebecca Jane said...

This dress is absolutely lovely! such a pretty print!


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