Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh My, Starry Eyed Surprise

So...I am in the very first photo of the Sea of Shoes NYC post.
I was shocked and surpised when I found out!
Thanks for choosing that picture Jane, if you are reading this :)


Am said...

OMG!!!! You look sooo gorgeous (even if the shot is from behind). I especially love the gloves and feather headpiece...that really took your dress over the edge! I've have been waiting with bated breath for your NYC posts....keep 'em coming woman! lol

I'd love if you could check out my new blog!

Chiffon Dreams said...


stop by my blogs!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Very cool! It was an awesome outfit; I liked the accessories the best. :)

guildedsecret. said...

oh thats awesome! i'm obsessed with your adorable headpiece. your outfit was one of my favorites i saw from the conference :)


Unknown said...

That dress is so pretty on you!!! Very jealous!


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