Thursday, February 4, 2010


Gorgeous girl on Streethearts.
She's channeling the forest sprite I've always wanted to be.


Lulu said...

oh wow i love those pics! the sweater and the hair....stunning!

BB said...

I can't get over the fabulousness of that bright cobalt blue sweater in stunning contrast to that Run Lola Run red hair!

I've never wanted red hair more in my life than at this very moment ...

Anonymous said...

the colbolt blue is strikingly beautiful. x

Clara Santos said...

ohhhh God!
this pics are beautiful gorgeous!
the model's hair...and the contrast with the blue sweater...just amazing!
so so beauty!

I'm Heraid said...

You have a very lovely blog! I just started mine a few days ago and you are inspiring me to do so much more with it. Congratulations on the CHIC10!!


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