Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am officially BACK from NYC!!!
It was a phenomenal trip, one I won't soon forget!
There will be a major post full of pictures and stories from the trip coming soon.
In the meantime, I am totally digging this editorial from the February issue of Teen Vogue.
Redheads always get me!
I really like how the shoot is styled in a way that seems personal, not over thought.
And who can resist bows, really?


Laura Tenshi said...

I like her outfit in the last picture and also the guy is pretty hot ♥

Chaucee said...

totally adorable! I have a friend that looks a lot like this model.

juliamarisa said...

these remind me of a spread that seventeen did a few years ago. these outfits are a lot more reasonable though.

klayrie said...

this is in teen vogue this month!
i loved it,
like the outfit, style and pics, its just a really nice pics!


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