Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't Think Too Much.

I first saw the Beckerman Sisters while watching Fashion Television at some point in my teens. I was enraptured by their girly, fun clothing, and very surprised to find out that they were Canadian! (Not that I doubt the talents of the Canadian people) I was estactic to find, years later, that they are still going strong (clothes here) AND have a killer blog.
Seriously, they have outfit fodder for weeks.
If you ever needed a reason to dress exactly how you feel, every day, these ladies are it.
Feirocity, for sure.

The madness starts here.


BB said...

Oh my, how I want the floral bag in the second pick! It's perfect in every way (as is every outfit the gals wear)



Maryn said...

what i like the most in your look it's your bags!!!they are so originals and vintage.

Talka said...

Ahh I love it! How awesome...I'm definitely checking out their blog!!

Laura Tenshi said...

The scarf in the second picture is absolutely gorgeous ♥


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