Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes Yes Yes.

This duo is too flippin' cool. Amazing images... check them out!


Toyin Lola said...

I didnt even realize they were moving until i saw one of them blink! That is just too cool. I think i have matured because i would have been terrified to see these pictures. How wonderful.

Vanessa said...

i am OBSESSED with all of the pictures in this specific post. ahh

LOVE YOUR BLOG!! soo much that im following you intensely. haaha

love. check me out and follow me.
stop by and leave some love :)

Annie, The Friendly Fox said...

Oooh, was that a Salad Fingers reference!? I might just love your blog even more, now!

*I'm doing a little vintage giveaway on my blog!


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