Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes, it's a little silly, but fun regardless.
Hope that everyone's is lovely and with someone they love.
I love all of you readers (if there's anyone out there =P)

Here are some girly, 80's inspired looks
from Topshop Unique SS09
that would be perfectly suited for today!



Lo said...

I love the sea foamish green pieces and the white one piece so much! truly in love.

Anonymous said...

That first black dress is YUMMY and the white skirt with gold stripes is so cute! Happy Valentine's!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lydia, I just wanna tell you what an inspiration you are. Honestly, I really admire you for your style, it gives me the courage to try things out myself. Thank you for making this 16 year old girl believe in herself again. Lots of love, Maya.

Merily said...

I love those colors,

Biru said...

aw... dreamy!


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