Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tagged, again.

I got tagged with the Honesty award by The Minx a couple weeks ago (SORRY)...and now I'm finally getting around to it. 10 Random facts about me (sorry if I'm the most boring person...)

1-I was born in Oslo, Norway.
2-Norwegian was my first language.
3-I moved to Canada when I was 2 1/2.
4-I was a choir nerd in high school.
5-My best friend and I used to show up to school in almost identical outfits, without planning it. Even now, we own many of the same things =P
6-I haven't taken Art since elementary school, and my Fashion Drawing class is teaching me that I may have been mistaken. I'm not a genius or anything, but I'm not bad at all! I see more art classes in my future...
7-I think this is one of the most beautiful things in the world.
8-I also think her photos are extremely beautiful.
9-I was born with a club foot (and had to wear a special shoe). My dad informed me of
this when I was about 15.

10-I think I'm the only blogger who isn't head over heels in love with Tavi. Not that I don't like her, I just don't get it.

Now I have to tag 7 people!
I tag: Starr, Cookies, Betty, Wendy, Aimee, McGallo and Emily!


cavaan said...

oslo! that's so cool. who's tavi? just kidding.
and thanks for the tag!

Biru said...

is tavi the 12 y old? 'cos i had to google the name. LOL

abby try again said...

Your blog is so rad!~
Thanks for linking to me :)
Have a happy Thursday.

Nia said...

added you to my blogroll love!

Human Racing said...

I remember when I was little I really wanted to speak Norweigan but it was soo hard. thanks for sharing. you have a really nice blog.

STARR said...

Nice learning more about you :) I had no idea your native language was Norwegian.

Diana said...

i love your honesty. i don't get the gist of it all either. different tastes, i guess :)


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