Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My favourite new thing... pencil skirts!
I found the most perfect one yesterday at Superstore.
I love Joe so much, where else can I get a chic pencil skirt for $7!!!
Warning, I have 4 more outfits just waiting to be photographed!
Hopefully tomorrow....

Thrifted tee, cardigan, scarf
and shoes.
Joe Fresh skirt and tights.


Flashes of Style said...

Love the scarf and shoes! What good choices.

Shini said...

loving the stripes! actually looks quite great with purple, must try!

N said...

nice blog! check out mine maybe? :)

TheMinx said...

Oh my god I am in loovee with your shoes!

Anonymous said...

love your shoes

tiana b. said...

this outfit is perfect!
Love the striped cardigan.
I want one.

permanently black and blue said...

love the shoes. you look lovely =)

Silvershandiin said...

omg, Lydia, you're style is admirable! I adore you!!


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