Saturday, February 7, 2009


These lovely vintage heels are a smidge too small on me...
So I'm determined to give them this Susie Bubble D.I.Y. and sell them to some lucky size 7. (Keep your eyes peeled if you happen to be one!)
P.S. The black mark is just dirt I need to wipe off!

Another D.I.Y. that caught my eye is this adorable tank from Topshop! I need to wrangle an oversized men's tee, fabric pens, and scissors, and this baby should be mine.

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Owl and the Grapes said...

Very sweet top. I find bondsies work well for such things - I bought a size 22 a few weeks ago and have been stretching the shit out of it, wearing it to the gym, going swimming in it, to get that perfect oversized worn in '80s fit. Thus far, it's working well. The top already looks at least 1 year old. I'm aiming for 10.


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