Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not dead.

So despite my absence from blogging...I am still alive!
My life has been hectic and stressful of late, but now I'm on reading break.
It's bliss.
I've been working on some things...
and I have a super exciting project coming up!
It's not huge, but I'm pretty darn stoked (and I have a feeling you guys will be too).

Thrifted shirt, re-buttoned skirt, shoes.
Gap cardigan. Dollar Store sheer tights.
l.o. bow headband.

p.s. If you click my pictures...you can make them bigger!


Anonymous said...

OMG you are so so so so so sweeet!!:)

TheMinx said...

I am totally in love with your skirt. And the bow is an adorable touch.

Anonymous said...

you are very cute, i like your blog ! :) I like you because you, are just you. :)


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