Sunday, June 15, 2008

....Kittens and sunlight.

Today I worked, yet again.
Near the end we started deciding which Disney Princess we were.
I'm Snow White, and yes I realize the irony, but she's the prettiest one.

Then I went to Emily's. Chloe (em's sister) got kittens secretly, only to have them discovered by Emily's mama. Cue our scurrying outdoors to take PHOTOS. Good times. (The last photo is thanks to Emily :D)

Dress: Sirens
Tee: Work
Necklace: Work
Shoes: Value Village

ps. Only 2 sleeps 'til BEST ROADTRIP EVER.


Stephanie said...

i love that dress. the whole outfit just works. aww, disney princesses! i'm kind of obsessed, haha. i like to be all of them at once since i don't really look like any. i love your blog!

Human Racing said...

Love the dress! Nice shoes too.

yiqin; said...

You have a very beautiful smile! :)

Hannah Bee said...

Pretty outfit! And nice shoes.

Anonymous said...

LYD I LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!!! its purdy indeed. iris and poppy send their love btw, they've been sleeping in husky's work shoes in the laundry room...soooooo cute!

Sam said...

cute outfit!
i really like the shoes.


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