Friday, December 19, 2014

Kind Of... Sometimes...Maybe.

It's funny how things go; as much as I enjoy this outfit, I can feel myself drifting away from this kind of styling in my personal wear. Sometimes you shift and you don't even realize it; lately I have been more inclined to pick out jeans and a casual top over a novelty printed vintage dress with cute colored tights. I still really admire that aesthetic, but I can also feel that I want and need a change. Much like the rest of my life, my wardrobe feels constantly in flux: an upheaval. Change is good, I think...

felt hat, angora sweater from Front & Company | Thrifted wool cape, cutoff shorts
vintage fox collar, silk collared shirt | Confetti Over-The Knee socks
℅ Tabbisocks
leather brogues


Louise Mensah said...

That wool cape is everything hun. Love it!

Adele Pentland said...

yes omg I wish I had winter so I could wear wool capes too! x

Unknown said...

Your looks are incredible! I really enjoy reading your thoughtful posts. You seem like such a fun gal!!

skye said...

You are an absolute queen in that cape and collar.


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