Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ice Cube Love This Dog!!!*

Another splendid date with MitziCocoa and Kate.
I really do love the time I get to spend romping around Vancouver with these two.
Japadog (the title of this post is from their poster), window shopping
and general sunshine.

PS. I made this facisinator for about $4, it's my new favourite.

Thrifted in Osoyoos dress. Thrifted belt.
Urban Renewal trench.Bamboo booties.
Urban Outfitters sheer polka dot tights. Self made fascinator.


Allana said...

I love all of the floral prints that you and your friends are wearing. I am a huge fan! Great outfits!


Meggstatus said...

Umm hellooo, where has your blog been all of my life??? I know you on chictopia yes, but I feel like your blog is so much more amazing (no offense to anyone). Well I will tell this little story again. I left my internet browser up on Chictopia and my BF was scrolling threw and called me over to the computer to tell me that "This girl is the shit." And I obviously responded, "Oh Lydia? She's amazing. And then it made me think that you are one of my favorite bloggers and I don't even know what your blog is.. and then I found it... thank god.

Kelly Lauren said...

you are so cute! I wish I could hang out with you and mitzicocoa!!! Also, just realized I haven't been following your blog, or rather, forgot I was following it. I love ya on chictopia now I can stalk you here ;)

much love...

Shelby said...

i love the purple polka dot tights. im so jealous of your blogger meet ups!

Injury Lawyer said...

Love your cute sunglasses and your lips' color..so so so cutiee

tra said...

Great outfits you guys are so happy

trademark lawyers Melbourne said...

Love your blog so much so much happiness

Jodie Ellen Speight said...

Loving your blog lots. So cute! Please check my blog out and please follow as i have a measly 20 followers. Thank you xx http://little-blackfashionblog.blogspot.com xx

Abi said...

Looks like such fun day spent with the girlies. Your outfits all look so darling! Love your dress and headband.



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