Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Try To Have Some Fun And Don't Get Caught.

Another Lolita inspired outfit.
I really love this sheer oxford shirt...
I was lusting after this AA one, but found a near replica at H&M.
Gotta love fast fashion.

Ardene's sunglasses. H&M shirt.
Thrifted dress and shoes. Random sheer heart knee highs.


kenda said...

those shoes are cute. i never seem to find shoes that fit when i'm thrifting.

calivintage said...

oh mah gah! every time i see another one of your outfits, it becomes my favorite. you outdid yourself again.

you better go to ny for fw in the fall. or else we really need to figure out a way to hang out again!

paulinabelle said...

goodness lydia, you are an expert thrifter! i adore those shoes.. and i love the seychelles & your hair in your last post i just forgot to comment..anyways now i am the one waiting upon an email from you! :] love you girlie

Unknown said...

I love that the dress and shoes are my favourite part of this and both were thrifted! THRIFTING ADVENTURES SOON!!!

Shelby said...

i really like your hair like that!

Mary said...

Oh my god, this outfit is amazing! I just love everything about it from the heart socks to the sheer top. Wonderful as always :)


Not a Paper Cup said...

Awesome outfit!!...It made me smile and remember that summer is wonderful!

Just found your blog, its really cool! :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Just recently found your blog and I love it for the colour and sauciness of the outfits. I'll be back!

ShayShay... said...

awwww! I love it!!! You look like you should me called Miss Anna-Mae or something; just for donning this outfit!

Sorry, my imaginations run amok too often.


origami said...

This outfit is just so adorable! I wish I could put something like this together. :) The print on the dress is so pretty and I _love_ your hair and glasses!

PS - I guess I should introduce myself. I've been reading (and loving) your blog for quite some time but I'm usually kind of shy with commenting. Your style is very inspiring, so thanks for sharing. :D


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