Monday, July 19, 2010

Spun Sugar.

I forgot how much this picture inspired/inspires me.
Erin+Zooey equals just the right amount of sweetness.

ph: fashiongonerogue


carly said...

Love Zooey! and the cut of that skirt is perfect.

Amy said...

You're right it's seriously sweet!

Stef said...

bojour. its me!!!!!! STEFANI!!!!! more exlamation points !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

-oh my, zooey is my idol. my most common compliment is that i look like her, whenever people say it. my heart lights up, ahaha.
lovely blog,
havea great day,

Amanda Bowen said...

Great picture of Zooey, and that dress is beautiful

Coatlicue Fatale said...

I just stumbled on your blog through lookbook and I must say that you have some amazing outfits and pictures!! I think you have one of my favorite new blogs!

I must agree with the other comments about my love for Zooey. I am in love with that beautiful layered skirt!!


Anna G said...

I'm terribly excited that soon I get to see Zooey perform. This has to be one my favorite pictures of her.

Tianna & Trinity said...

I love that Dress! It's very Pretty. The color is just right!

Erin Kim said...

I love this picture! Zooey is my favorite and that dress is da bomb! xD

Lovely blog!
Erin :)


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