Monday, July 19, 2010

A Pretty Little Plum, A Sweet Little Peach.

I survived the wilderness!
I have many, many mosquito bites, but we had so much fun this weekend I'll grin and bear it.
I've been having great thrifting luck with blouses lately, this is one of my favourite finds.
It's sheer, pastel, pretty goodness.
I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be wearing these boots that my friend's mom gave me all winter long,too. Granny boot perfection

Thrifted blouse, skirt.
Bluenotes military jacket. Joe polka dot tights.
Gifted lace up boots.


Jenni said...

Perfect boots and perfect blouse. I am a sucker for anything with a bow. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This outfit is perfection! I love the romantic look with military boots! Following your blog, I love your style! ^.^

Amy said...

Need to get myself a a blouse like that! this one looks great!

Cowgirl in the sand said...

I adore that blouse !

Shelby said...

that top reminds me of the peach h&m one that mel from idee geniale wears. soooo cute

Anonymous said...

your outfit is like drinking black coffee with one piece of sugar.

I like your pink blouse.

Unknown said...

I can't believe you thrifted that blouse!!! This is amazing. I love the military green and peach together!

Rafaela Ronconi said...

Hi Lydia how are you doing?
I found your blog in your page at Lookbook. I simply love all your clothes, you have a beautiful style. I saw you are from Vancouver, right? Sounds amazing, 'cause I've been there once and I love this place. I already considerate myself as a canadian lol. So, I also have a fashion blog, but I'm brasilian so it's in portuguese, if you don't mind check it out:
Would be nice if we could be friends and keep in touch, this way we can do some fashion exchange informations lol
Well, I wish sucess in your carrer and your life.

Francesca said...

great boots! i love boots that have the laceups resembling ice skates

Rebecca Jane said...

That blouse is so so pretty! Love it!

Kenya Meon said...

Lydia you're fabulous! i love your dotted tights and boots! i just ordered myself a pair of tights like those from Urban Outfitters and I've been desperately searching for boots like those!

Unknown said...

wth?! where have you been all of my internet life?! not only are you fashionable, but your black and NOT A SKINNY TOOTHPICK!!! <3 thanks for existing and making me feel better :D

Courtney said...

I love this!! That top is adorable and the color is perfect! LOVE the boots too! :)


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